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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

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Business savings from the Utility Warehouse

Published: 09/09/2013Sarah L.Bence, Partner, Lanyons Estate Agents

I would recommend the Utility Warehouse to any business who wants great customer service and cheaper bills for their business utilities.

Like so many business owners, I was reluctant to change utility providers as it had always been a hassle, created a lot of confusion and ended up costing me more money.

Having already transferred my home utilities to the Utility Warehouse through one of their Authorised Distributors, I asked if they could have a look at my business utilities to see if they could save me even more money, as the recession continued to bite it seemed an obvious thing to do.

They came back to me very quickly and the savings spoke for themselves. There was no question as to whether I was going to move from BT and British Gas, it was simply a question of when, as with three offices the contracts ran out at different times. The Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributor who was handling everything for me collated all of the information relating to these contracts and took matters completely out of my hands, taking care of everything. It could not have been any easier, but, having switched to BT twelve months earlier (which was a complete nightmare), I was fearing the worst and waiting for disaster to strike... but it never did!

I received a letter giving us the dates we were transferring and a second letter welcoming us to the Utility Warehouse. Could it get any more simple? I think the major companies could learn huge lessons about customer service from the Utility Warehouse.  

The Authorised Distributor was fantastic throughout. I was kept informed at every stage and, as my contracts came to an end in each office, she has contacted me (I didn’t need to chase her!) to advise me that the transfers to the Utility Warehouse were taking place. The hard work and hassle was taken away from me and the fact that she has treated my business with such care and attention is the biggest indicator of how valued I am as a customer, something which is so easily forgotten and rarely seen these days.

I have received 5-star service from a 5-star Authorised Distributor and a 5-star company and would highly recommend any business to put their faith in the Utility Warehouse. I certainly won’t be switching away from the Utility Warehouse because I know they care, and I know I matter to them.