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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

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Charity Begins With the Utility Warehouse

Published: 08/08/2014Mick Watson, Fishery Owner

"It's not our fault," said BT business. "There's nothing wrong with the line," said Open Reach. "So it must be you" they both said.

Now neither of these statements rang true, a bit like my business phone line and my broadband connection to be honest. My frustration was growing! The trouble was I was losing money as my card payment machine wasn't working properly and I could only access my internet at home. None of these things were useful to me while I was running my fishing centre charity and trying to make a difference to local young people.

Then my mobile (which fortunately had nothing to do with BT) rang. It was Dave - the Utility Warehouse Distributor who had switched my business energy and made me significant savings some six months earlier. You see, the great advantage of having Dave to look after my business utilities was that while I was busy working in my business Dave was also watching my utility suppliers contracts and knew when they were about to expire.

So after a brief conversation with Dave I took his advice on how to tackle BT business and Open Reach to sort my line problems out for me. I then cancelled my contract and arranged the smooth switch over to business phone and broadband from The Utility Warehouse. Dave even arranged one of his business contacts to come and check my broadband connections on my premises which he did free of charge as we are a charity!

So now not only do I have the convenience of having all my business utilities with one suppler, I just have one bill. I also have great customer service from their customer support team and from Dave in person, and I have made a nice addition to my bottom line profit, which is vital for charities like mine.

As a business owner himself Dave understands the challenges that face SME's. I now speak to other local businesses at networking events and make sure they know the benefits that the Utility Warehouse Business Club can provide. And I now even have time for the odd bit of fishing myself!