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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

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Local heroes for local business savings!

Published: 02/05/2013Paula Worthington, Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributor

Where I live, supporting local business is a big deal. Our High Street has far more local, independent shops than national chains, and, along with many others, I make an effort to use these local businesses whenever I can.

When I discovered a way to help ordinary people get cheaper bills with the Utility Warehouse, I didn't immediately translate this to businesses needing cheaper business utilities. However, it soon dawned on me that business owners are ordinary people too! They also want to make savings on their gas, electricity, phone, mobile and broadband. In addition, as a local business owner myself, people would be open to supporting my local business too.

So, the next time I popped into my local family-run pharmacy, we had a chat about their business utilities. Saved them money on their electricity bill and they have a friendly local contact - me!

Went to my weekly Pilates class at the local, family-run Pilates studio, we had a chat, saved them money on electricity and phone. They now have a friendly local contact (me again!), so, when they wanted to add on broadband (because they were so pleased with the customer service), it was quick and easy for them to do.

At my local, family-run gym (there's a picture emerging here...), we had a chat, saved them money on their gas, and they have a friendly, local contact (that'd be me again!), so they know where to find me if they have any questions. And, of course, as they provide personal training, they are in a position to inflict severe discomfort if there are any issues - good job they are extremely happy with the savings and customer service!

At my church - three buildings, one overworked treasurer who is of course a volunteer. No time to compare prices, so, despite wanting cheaper bills, they were caught up in expensive, automatic, rollover contracts from the likes of E.ON. This one took a little more than a simple chat (this was the Church of England after all - I had to write a report!), but, the committee loved the fact that projected savings for gas, electricity, phone and broadband were over £1,500 a year! Treasurer loved the fact that she has a friendly local contact (guess who?) who has removed a huge weight from her shoulders.

I’m currently having a chat with my local dry-cleaner, who was nearly run out of business because their current ‘Big 6’ energy provider made an expensive mistake on their meter reading. They are now also looking forward to having cheaper prices and a friendly, local contact.