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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

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The Great British Gas Circus Act

Published: 16/06/2014Franco Palombo, Owner, Palombo's Fish & Chip shop

<p> I like to think of myself as a bit of an Italian Prince Charming. You know the type, tall, dark, and ever so handsome. Nobody&#39;s fool, and can always recognise a good thing when I see it. So when I was offered the chance to take over a well-established business I thought, &quot;Great I&#39;ve done this before, how hard can it be?&quot;</p> <p> First thing I did was call British Gas to get the name changed. You&#39;d think that would be simple enough... how wrong was I? Swinging from one department to another I felt like a trapeze act in lycra tights, being made to jump through hoops to prove it was a new business - and sticking my head in the lions mouth every time I asked a question. Basically I felt like a right clown. All I wanted to do was sort the gas and electric.</p> <p> Well, when the bills finally came in, if I&#39;d still been on that tightrope I&#39;d have fallen off and broke my neck at the price I was being charged.</p> <p> As luck would have it there was a new act in town, and the ring master popped in to say hi. Her name was Victoria, and she represented a company called The Utility Warehouse. She explained that she was here to show me a better way of doing business, where the customer service was award-winning and I could get cheaper bills.</p> <p> She did everything it took for me to transfer to Utility Warehouse, from changing the name, giving gas &amp; electric readings, and saying goodbye to British Gas for me (I really didn&#39;t want to ever talk to them again).</p> <p> I see Victoria on a regular basis as she is local, and she calls me often to check everything is ok. Now that&#39;s what I call award winning customer service from a company who are anything but a circus act.</p>