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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

A smarter way to pay for business supplies

For you?

The great thing about CashBack is that's it's money for nothing. So who wouldn't take it! You buy the same things from the same suppliers that you already do - only this time you get a chunk of what you spend back in the form of money off your monthly Utility Warehouse bill.

CashBack card

Our CashBack card is a great way to turn your everyday spending into a smaller utility bill for your business. You can top it up from your business or personal account and use it at all the high street retailers shown below. You will then receive up to an amazing 7% CashBack on what you spend, taken off your Utility Warehouse bill each month.

And because it's a payment card, you also get your Nectar points and other discounts and store special offers. Please note that some purchases are excluded.

Earn 5% CashBack at

Earn 7% CashBack at

Full Terms and Conditions for CashBack card participating retailers, including retailer offers, can be found here.

Earn more CashBack online

You can get CashBack without even using our CashBack card. Just go to The Clubhouse and shop with our online partners. You'll get CashBack on everything you buy!

Online Cashback

  • Up to 18.5% CashBack
  • Over 2,000 retailers
  • Use our search engine to find the best deals
  • CashBack taken off your monthly bill
Online CashBack