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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

Yes! CashBack on your business expenses

For you?

The great thing about CashBack is that's it's money for nothing. So who wouldn't take it! You buy the same things from the same suppliers that you already do - only this time you get a chunk of what you spend back in the form of money off your monthly Utility Warehouse bill.

Two ways to earn CashBack

Every business is looking to save money and we make it easy for you - in two different ways! You can use our CashBack card to pay at a wide range of retailers - and when you do up to 7% of what you spend will be taken off your next bill. The other way to save is to shop online through our Clubhouse and receive up to 18.5% of what you spend as CashBack off your Utility Warehouse bill.

CashBack card

Our CashBack card isn't a credit card - it's a card you top up before you can spend anything. A bit like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. You can then use it to get unlimited CashBack when you shop with a wide range of leading retailers. And your CashBack is automatically paid on your Utility Warehouse bill.

  • 3% - 7% CashBack with our card partners
  • CashBack paid on your monthly bill
  • NEVER any interest to pay
  • Easy to top up
  • Partner cards available
  • Use in stores and online
  • Just £2 per month


CashBack Cards can be ordered from the Clubhouse once you have signed up.

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Online CashBack

You can also get CashBack without taking one of our CashBack cards. Just go to The Clubhouse and shop with our online partners. You'll get CashBack on everything you buy, paid on your Utility Warehouse bill!

  • Up to 18.5% CashBack
  • Over 2,000 retailers
  • Use our search engine to find the best deals
  • CashBack paid on your monthly bill