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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

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We can provide you with all kinds of NGN!

For you?

Using an NGN can increase calls from customers to your business. Freephone 0800 and 03 numbers are welcomed by customers - and they present a very professional image for your business. If you're looking to generate extra revenue from the calls made to your business, then a 0844 or 0871 number is the choice for you.

When you go for Gold

As a Gold status customer you also benefit from:

  • Up to £200 towards termination fees by your existing supplier

Non Geographic Numbers (NGNs)

If you thought Non-Geographic Numbers (NGNs) were only affordable by big businesses, think again. Thanks to the Utility Warehouse your business can benefit from an NGN - whether you want a free or low rate number to encourage customers to call you or a premium rate number to generate extra income for your business when they do. If you already have an NGN you can probably keep your existing number and still benefit from our lower charges.

There are several different types of NGN, each of which suit specific business goals.

Whichever type you choose your business will benefit from:

Just £2 per month excluding VAT
  • The impression of national coverage
  • Free set-up
  • No minimum monthly commitment
  • A portable number you can take with you

Freephone 0800, 0808 numbers

  • Increases inbound calls
  • Helps you stand out in business listings
  • Free for customers to call from mobiles and landlines

National rate 03 numbers

  • Included in inclusive calls bundles for landlines and mobiles
  • Outside of inclusive bundles, costs no more than a local or national rated call

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terms and conditions

Low rate
0844, 0845

  • Income for you with every call received
  • Suited to businesses with large call volumes
  • Service charge of up to 7p per minute

Premium rate 0871 numbers*

  • Generates an income for your business
  • Service charge of up to 13p per minute

*Calls to 084, 087, 09 or 118 numbers are subject to a service and access charge. Businesses who advertise these numbers are required to clearly state their service charge and make clear that an access charge from the customer's phone company will also apply, for example: "Calls will cost x pence per minute, plus your phone company's access charge."

Detailed information

  • Price plans
  • Call type 0800, 0808 0844 0871
    Monthly rental £2 £2 £2
    Retail Rate†(per min) N/A 7p 13p
    Destination UK Fixed Number 4p -1.5p -2.5p
    Destination UK Mobile Number 12p 8.5p 6p
    Overseas destination
    USA, Canada, Europe and Pacific Rim*
    8p 5p 3p
    03XX Option 1 Option 2
    Monthly Charge £4.99 £39.99
    Minutes landline 500 5000
    Minutes mobile 100 1000
    Out of bundle minutes landline 1.5p 1.1p
    Out of bundle minutes mobile 6p 5p

    *For countries included in these categories, please refer to the list on the Phone page of the tariff guide.

    †Calls are charged at our advertised rate in addition to an access charge set by the service provider (excluding 0800/0808).

  • Add Call Care for just £4 a month
  • Choose any NGN from the Utility Warehouse Discount Club and for just £4 a month you can take advantage of our 'Call Care' service. Call Care provides you with password-protected access to our NGN management website where you can view all call statistics for your number.

    Call Care offers a host of other functions too, including the ability to change the telephone number to which we deliver your calls.

  • Call Routing Options
  • The following call routing options are available:

    Plan Benefits
    Time plan Allows calls to be delivered to different numbers at different times of the day
    Day plan Allows calls to be delivered to different numbers on different days of the week
    Date plan Allows calls to be delivered to different numbers on specific dates
    Ratio plan Allows specific ratios of incoming calls to be delivered to different numbers
    Divert busy All incoming calls can be automatically rerouted to an alternative number if the original number is busy
    Divert No Reply Incoming calls can be automatically rerouted if not answered after a predetermined number of rings
    Area Plan Allows for calls originating in different geographical areas to be routed to different numbers

    Each call routing option is subject to a £100 connection charge and a £50 quarterly rental charge. Customers may make one change per plan each calendar month free of charge. Any changes thereafter will be charged at £100 each.

Just Phone

If you only want Landline Phone from the Utility Warehouse, no problem. You can still save up to 75% on call charges and over 9%
on line rental compared to BT!

Landline phone from £16 per month
Landline phone - just £16 per month


Phone & Broadband

Check out our Phone and
Broadband services and
save your business even more



Take our Mobile service and you can choose
from the latest handsets and from 5 different
Value Price Plans starting at just £10 a month (inc VAT).
And if you want to control your spend,
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