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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

Smart meters from the Utility Warehouse

For you?

Our Electricity service makes sense for any small to medium-sized business. With no minimum term contract and highly competitive tariffs you have the best of both worlds. Great savings and total control.

Smart meters

Running a business can place a lot of demands on your time. So, we understand that thinking about your energy supply may be low on your agenda. But when you upgrade your meters to smart meters you can let your energy look after itself.


What are smart meters?

Smart meters are replacing traditional gas and electricity meters. They record your gas and electricity use and automatically send meter readings to us using a secure wireless network. Which means you'll get accurate bills – without having to lift a finger.


Why we’re installing smart meters

The government wants us to install smart meters for all our members by 2020. This is part of a national commitment to reduce energy consumption.

For a guide on how smart meters work visit gov.uk.

For details on how they can help you visit the FSB website.

We're signed up the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice. This protects you and makes sure we provide you with everything you need when you upgrade to smart meters. During your upgrade we’ll:

  • Make everything is as trouble-free as possible.
  • Help you understand your energy use with your smart meter display.
  • Show you how to use smart meters and give you advice to help you save energy and money.
  • Help you understand the benefits of smart meters – see the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) .

What can smart meters do for you?

Smart meters are designed to make bills more accurate, help you reduce the amount of energy you use and save money – whatever the size of your business. Upgrade your meters and you’ll be able to:

  • See your energy use – in £’s and pence on your smart meter display, by the hour, day or week.
  • Waste less and save more – by spotting the little things that are costing you big-time on your energy bills, so you can make changes and save money.
  • Say goodbye to reading your meters – because they’re sent to us directly, which means there’s one less thing to interrupt your working day.
  • Know your bills are accurate – estimated bills become a thing of the past, so you can be sure that you're only paying for the energy you've used.

As part of the government's plan to bring the country’s energy infrastructure up to date and reduce the country’s energy consumption, smart meters are being installed in homes and businesses free of charge between now and 2020. You can register your interest for Smart meters today by clicking on the link below and logging in to your Clubhouse account.


We’ll do all we can to get yours upgraded as soon as possible, so you can start to take advantage of the benefits smart meters bring. We’ll be in touch when our smart meter installers are in your areas.