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Estate Agent Martyn Russell explains how having all his utility charges on a single bill makes his hectic business life that little bit easier.

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"I now get CashBack on almost everything I buy for my business."

CashBack Card

Our CashBack card is a card you top up with your business' money. You can then earn unlimited CashBack when you shop with a wide range of leading retailers - with up to 7% CashBack on what you spend. And the CashBack is automatically taken off your next bill!

Online CashBack

"I now get CashBack on almost everything I buy for my business."

Not only does it list prices from many different retailers, it also calculates the CashBack you'll earn, and any other special Utility Warehouse discount - so you will always pay the cheapest price available! Just enter what you're looking for and we'll do the rest!

You can get CashBack without even using our CashBack card. Just go to The Clubhouse and shop with our online partners. You'll get up to 18.5% CashBack on everything you buy - and our search engine will help you find the very best deals too.